What do I need to do as a registrar when an auDRP Provider sends me an auDRP decision?


There are 3 types of auDRP decisions:

  1. decision for Respondent;
  2. domain transfer to Complainant; and
  3. domain name cancellation.

If the decision is for Respondent, this means that the Complainant has been unsuccessful in their claim. The registrar will simply unlock the domain name to allow the Respondent (registrant) to continue using the domain name.

If the decision is to transfer the domain name, the registrar will need to wait 10 business days before transferring the domain name licence to the Complainant, allowing sufficient time for any legal proceedings to be commenced. The process will be a registrant transfer rather than a correction and the registrar has the right to charge for their standard administration fees.

The same waiting period of 10 business days applies if the decision is to cancel the domain name. After the 10 business days, the registrar will need to delete the domain name licence.


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