What are the ISS requirements accredited registrars have to comply with?


Current agreements between auDA and the Registrars, requires that Registrars be responsible for information security. In particular Registrars are required to:

  • Take all reasonable or prudent actions to preserve the confidentiality and security of all Registrant Data.
  • Have adequate capability for providing information security procedures to prevent system hacks, break-ins, data tampering and other disruptions to its business.
  • Promote and protect the stability and integrity of the Australian DNS.
  • Ensure the effective and efficient operation of the domain name registration system.

The auDA Information Security Standard (auDA ISS) sets a baseline for information security for Registrars. The auDA ISS is aligned to well-established international security standards that matured over time in line with emerging information security threats. Organisations, including Registrars, conducting business activities in a responsible manner, should already be familiar with the concepts of the auDA ISS.

Information about the auDA ISS is available here.


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