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In short, you will need a hosting service in order to have the ability to put up a website and to have email addresses that work off the domain name.

You may need to employ the services of a web designer in order to create a website.

You can certainly discuss hosting with the reseller or registrar you registered your domain name through, but you are not limited to using them. It is entirely up to you.

When sourcing a web designer, there are just a few points you will need to keep in mind:

  • You do not need to provide them with your domain name password in order for them to manage your domain name registration – treat the actual registration of your domain name like you do any other important aspect of your business – with care and complete control.

  • Hosting is a separate component of having an Internet presence. You do not need to follow the designer’s advice with regard to hosting. You may take up a suggestion from someone else you know and utilise a hosting service that they recommend. The web designer then uploads the website to that other provider. Or you can follow the web designer’s advice and go with their preferred host. Irrespective of the setup, you should always have a copy of your web site stored in a place that you have access to should the web designer go out of business or the relationship sours. The copy should be updated as the site is updated.

  • If you need help with managing your domain name (as in delegating it to the hosting provider), you can seek help from the reseller or registrar you purchased your domain name through.

  • Keep a calendar reminder of when your domain name’s registration is due. You can renew a .au domain name up to 90 days prior to its expiration date. All .au domain names are registered for two years at a time.

More tips are available at the blog article titled Domain Name Registration Tips.

A list of accredited registrars is also available at our accredited registrars page.


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