What is the difference between a ‘registrant transfer’ and a ‘correction to registrant details’?


A ‘registrant transfer’ occurs when one registrant transfers (or 'sells' if the case may be) their domain name to another eligible entity. A new (1-5 year) licence will be issued to the new registrant once the transfer is complete and the domain name will be registered in the name of the new registrant with their contact details.


On the other hand, a ‘correction to registrant details’ occurs when a registrar changes the name of the registrant as listed in the registry database in order to correct an error made at the time of registration. This may also involve a name change in the relevant Government database where the ABN or ACN has not changed. This does not involve a transfer of domain name licence and does not result in a new two year domain name licence being issued.


Circumstances under which a registrar may process a correction to registrant details include:

  1. where the registrar or the registrant submitted incorrect data at the time of registration (eg. to correct a misspelling of the registrant’s name);
  2. where the domain name was incorrectly registered to the wrong party (eg. the domain name was registered in the name of a company employee instead of the name of the company, or the domain name was registered to the wrong entity within a group of related entities);
  3. where the domain name was incorrectly registered in the name of the reseller or other agent who arranged the registration; and
  4. where otherwise authorised by auDA.


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