How do I renew my domain name?


The length of a domain name registration in .au is two years. Before your domain name is due to expire, your registrar of record (or the reseller you normally deal with) will send you a renewal notice. You can then process the renewal through them.


Please note that you can only renew your domain name up to 90 days before the expiry date.


You also have the option of not renewing your domain name through your original registrar or reseller. As renewal fees generally vary between different providers, you can choose to transfer your domain name to another registrar or reseller. You should shop around for the service offering that best suits you.


For a list of accredited registrars, please visit our Registrars page.


If you fail to renew your domain name before the expiry date, it will be held in "Expired Hold" status for 30 days during which it can be renewed. After 30 days the domain name status is then changed to "expired pending purge" for at least 24 hours before it is purged from the registry. It then becomes available to be registered to an eligible entity on a first come, first served basis. Domain names in "expired pending purge" status cannot be renewed.


Please note that domain names in any of the expired statuses will be withheld from the DNS. As a result, website and email services utilising the domain name will cease to function. You will need to renew your domain name for them to begin working again.


For more information please read the Domain Renewal, Expiry and Deletion Policy.


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